If you’ve been listening to the radio or streaming music in the past year, chances are you’ve heard “Dance Monkeys” by Tones and I. The song has become a global phenomenon, topping the charts in over 20 countries and gaining international recognition for its catchy beat and relatable lyrics. But who is the artist behind this smash hit? In this article, we’ll be taking a deeper look into the story of Tones and I and how “Dance Monkeys” came to be.

Interview with Tones and I
Interview with Tones and I

Interview with Tones and I

Toni Watson, known professionally as Tones and I, is an Australian singer-songwriter from Melbourne. She began her career busking on the streets of Byron Bay, Australia, where she gained a small but loyal following. After the release of her EP “The Kids Are Coming” in August 2019, Tones and I was catapulted into international stardom with the success of “Dance Monkeys”.

In a recent interview, Tones and I opened up about how she got started and the inspiration behind “Dance Monkeys”: “I had been playing shows around the country for a while and I wanted to write something that would really capture my live energy. I had been thinking about the idea of ‘dancing like monkeys’ for a while and I thought it would make a great hook for a song.”

Making of the Music Video

The official music video for “Dance Monkeys” was released in October 2019 and quickly went viral, amassing millions of views within days. The video was directed by New York-based director, Andrew Donoho, who worked closely with Tones and I to bring her vision to life. “We wanted to create something that felt fun, energetic, and full of life,” said Donoho. “We had a lot of fun shooting the video and I think it really captures Tones and I’s unique style and personality.”

The production of the music video was no easy feat. Donoho and his team faced numerous challenges due to the tight timeframe and limited budget. Despite these obstacles, they managed to create a visually stunning video that perfectly complemented the song. “It was definitely a challenge, but I think it all worked out in the end,” said Donoho.

Retrospective of Success

Since its release, “Dance Monkeys” has achieved massive success both domestically and internationally. It topped the charts in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, the UK, and many other countries. It also earned Tones and I her first Grammy Award nomination for Best Pop Solo Performance.

The song’s success has opened many doors for Tones and I. She has since performed on some of the world’s biggest stages, including the MTV Video Music Awards, the ARIA Music Awards, and the American Music Awards. She has also collaborated with other artists such as Marshmello, Alan Walker, and Kiesza.

Profile of Tones and I
Profile of Tones and I

Profile of Tones and I

Toni Watson, known professionally as Tones and I, was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1995. As a child, she developed a passion for music and began writing songs at the age of 13. After graduating high school, she moved to Byron Bay and began busking on the streets, which eventually led to the release of her debut EP “The Kids Are Coming” in August 2019.

Tones and I cites a variety of musical influences, including Amy Winehouse, Ed Sheeran, and Billie Eilish. Her sound is a unique blend of pop, folk, and electronic elements, and her songwriting draws upon personal experiences and observations.

Cultural Impact of
Cultural Impact of “Dance Monkeys”

Cultural Impact of “Dance Monkeys”

The success of “Dance Monkeys” has inspired many fans around the world. The song’s upbeat tempo and catchy chorus have made it an anthem for anyone looking to have a good time. Its popularity has also sparked a wave of covers and remixes, with artists from all genres putting their own spin on the track.

The song has also been compared to other popular hits such as Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” and Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”. While each song has its own unique sound, they all share a similar message of self-empowerment and resilience.

Analyzing the Lyrics

The lyrics of “Dance Monkeys” focus on the struggles of everyday life and the importance of staying true to oneself. The chorus encourages listeners to “dance like no one’s watching” and “forget about the pressure”, reminding them that it’s okay to take a break and enjoy the moment. The song carries an uplifting message of hope and perseverance, inspiring listeners to keep going despite any hardships they may face.

The song also touches on the idea of self-expression, urging listeners to “be yourself and never stop”. These lyrics encourage people to embrace their uniqueness and stay true to who they are, regardless of what society tells them.


In conclusion, “Dance Monkeys” by Tones and I has become a global phenomenon, topping the charts in over 20 countries and earning Tones and I her first Grammy Award nomination. Through her music, Tones and I conveys a powerful message of self-empowerment and resilience, inspiring listeners to stay true to themselves and never give up. The song has also left a lasting impression on the music industry, with its catchy beat and relatable lyrics making it an anthem for anyone looking to have a good time.

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