What to Expect When You Live in Your Home During the Renovation?

Staying in the same house during renovation when only one or two parts are undergoing complete transformation is easy, depending on the size of the work. When you opt for a significant revamp, you may doubt your decision. But it can be favorable from many aspects. You save money, are easily accessible to your builder, and your property is secure because it’s occupied. Do you have home insurance? Some insurers can cancel your policy if you leave your house empty for over a month. If you plan to do any such thing, talk to your insurer, though. Everyone knows continuing to live on a renovation site can be challenging. But you can mentally prepare yourself. Here are a few survival suggestions for this scenario to boost your confidence.

Dusty ambiance During Renovation

During the demolition phase, the house will develop thick layers of dust and mud everywhere. No amount of cleaning or wiping will help. When the workers are at their job, you can instead shut all the other doors and cover different areas with plastic sheeting to control dust invasion. 

Waking up and sleeping During Renovation

You will crave sleep as you must get up early before the team arrives. Once workers are on the site, you cannot think of taking naps. Drilling and digging noise will keep you awake. Even the lorry’s movement will add to this. Hence, it’s better to enjoy whatever time you find and sleep. Already there will be no air conditioning, no doors, and the walls will be almost half. So all the comforts will be away. Then, you may have to talk to many people to ensure the project’s continuous progress. Contacting the surveyor, plumber, and electrician will keep you busy. You may worry if you bought a small sink for laundry room by mistake or if the choice of color for the kitchen is inappropriate. 

An urge to create a perfect impact in all the nooks and crannies of the renovated house can make you almost insomniac. Remember, all these are temporary challenges. Your regular life can return to the typical track as one after another area sees vast improvement.

A playground

Living with a partner and children on a renovation site with other people constantly going and coming can feel uncomfortable. You may crave a dust-free space where you and the family can laugh and enjoy your time again without hesitation. You may want to see those tiffs and young kids’ tantrums. While these may look like a distant dream, you will return to those fun-filled days soon. However, till then, keep calm! 

Take care of young children as they play with anything they encounter without understanding the risks. Ensure they are safely away from heavy machines, unstable structures, and exposed electrical wires. Even discarded bathtubs or mounds of dirt can attract them. While they are busy there, you can discuss important matters with your carpenter or builder. Also, in the initial destruction phase, everyone should wear protective clothing and hard hats. 

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Storage room

The messy site will be messier when all the objects remain strewn here and there. Navigating through them can feel like a feat, jumping over a new WC or walking past the pile of new fittings. Experienced renovators understand this inconvenience and organize everything properly. As a result, you can expect them to dedicate one room to store all the items, such as fixtures, appliances, and more. In this context, it will be best to have a diary or planner to note the project’s progress – what you have to do, what deliveries are on the way, and if there is any need to change anything. It will help you also track what you have purchased and what’s missing, saving you money and time. 

Imagine yourself as a project manager who handles timetables, payments, delivery systems, etc. 

Make-shift kitchen arrangement

Living on the site during renovation is like working 24X7. Weekends and evenings will make a difference in your life once the project winds up on time. Until then, you will always have some areas to monitor, such as d├ęcor, floorboards, material purchases, etc. Still, it’s better to free your mind a little to renew your energy. At the same time, some temporary changes in your habit can help you weave a lifetime of renovation memories. For instance, you will need a portable stove and microwave to cook food. It is a unique experience to prepare meals for everyone in a small space. Of course, it requires some adjustments. As you start acclimatizing to this scenario, you will feel proud of what you did. Hence, this brief discomfort should be tolerable.

The downside of staying away from the home renovation site

Because it involves lots of adjustments, safety arrangements, and habit tweaking, you may rent a place for some days. But it will only tack on to your renovation expenses. Of course, it will give builders the freedom to cover all the areas in one go. You see how the design is shaping up with the introduction of each element. Also, the development process can make you nostalgic and help you connect with your house more. You will also learn to keep your home safe from damages and how to rectify them if something happens. 

Once the project completes, the joy of seeing everything in its full-blown impact will have a different feel. After going through different seasons when your home was taking its new shape and form, you will appreciate all the corners even more. You will miss all this if you live elsewhere.

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